What is PCI
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Creativity and innovation, at both the individual and group levels, have become the true wealth of nations in the 21st century. UNESCO recognizes the role of creativity and innovation to solve the problems affecting the economic, social and sustainable development of nations. According to « UNESCO report on culture and sustainable development », cultural and creative industries are among the most dynamic sectors in the world economy, and have become part of economic growth strategies.


Young people are the most dynamic and creative group of our society. It has long been known that UNESCO recognizes young people’s energy and leadership, and prioritizes its work with and for youth across all its programmes. Young people are encouraged to be fully engaged in social innovation and development, and to find solutions to the issues that they are facing in the world today.


Located at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, France, the International Council for Film, Television and Audiovisual Communication (CICT-ICFT) was founded in the 10th session of UNESCO‘s  General Conference in 1956. It has been functioning as an advisory and executive agency to UNESCO, as well as a link between UNESCO and the international civil society on all matters related to film, television, and new media by ‌providing ‌consultancy, ‌professionals and technical ‌support.


CICT-ICFT reinforces international exchange and cooperation in the audiovisual field and provides strategic direction, policy guidance, and expert support for international, regional, national, and local development. CICT-ICFT, within its mandate, encourages high standard moving image creations, protects people’s rights, and values their potential in moving image for social development and culture of peace.


CICT-ICFT has always been involving creativity and innovation in its work and engaging in youth empowerment. In order to highlight the importance of these two priorities, the Platform for Creativity and Innovation (PCI) was launched in January 2020 within the framework of CICT-ICFT as a branch for youth.



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What is PCI


Using moving image as a facilitator and taking creativity and innovation as catalysts, the Platform for Creativity & Innovation (PCI) is an international cultural and artistic space for research, training, inspiration, communication, cooperation and promotion which dedicates not only to promoting the aesthetic value in culture and art, but also to highlighting the contribution of culture and art in all aspects of economic, social and sustainable development.


Equipped by international cultural experts and an international network including International Organizations, National Department for Culture and Tourism, Cultural and Artistic Institutions, International cultural and artistic NGOs, Universities and Academies, Festivals…, PCI is specialized in:

  • Advising on culture and art development strategies ;
  • Creating cultural and artistic events and activities;
  • Facilitating international exchange ;
  • Enhancing international impact and visibility.



  • Stimulating the potential of creativity and innovation in culture and art, from cultural and artistic expressions to solutions to address human development and global challenges;
  • Inspiring and empowering young people who are inheritors and safe-guarders of history, as well as forerunners and promoters of new progress;
  • Raising awareness of the important role of creativity and innovation in cultural diversity, intercultural dialogue, mutual understanding and culture of peace which are in accord with UNESCO’s values;
  • Fostering the contribution of creativity and innovation in creative economy and social innovation to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
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Creating a cultural and artistic environment where creative and innovative thinking and practice are encouraged and promoted to make a better future.