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Platform for Creativity & Innovation (PCI) is an international cultural and artistic space for research, training, inspiration, communication, cooperation, and promotion. It is dedicated not only to promoting the aesthetic values in culture and art, but also to highlighting the contribution of culture and art in all aspects of economic, social and sustainable development.




PCI provides Cultural Engineering, mainly focusing on Cultural Analysis, Creative Campaigns, International Communication and Collaboration, Education and Training.


PCI specializes in using the power of culture and art as focused and coordinated efforts to drive specific outcomes and create meaningful impact in various domains, from social change to business growth to public awareness.




When Art Meets You is a program that cultivates interaction and collaboration between art and diverse aspects of life and society, utilizing art as a dynamic force for communication, awareness, and transformation.


Through a series of creative activities, When Art Meets You aims to convey messages and ideas, enhance visibility and understanding across diverse fields, and generate positive social, economic, and environmental impact.