BYD Shines with Freestyle Football Show
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BYD Shines with Freestyle Football Show

At the Geneva International Motor Show 2024, BYD captivated audiences with a spectacular Freestyle Football Show, celebrating their partnership with UEFA Euro 2024. The event, orchestrated by PCI, seamlessly integrated the excitement of freestyle football with the innovative spirit of BYD’s latest car models. The show featured skilled freestyle footballers performing intricate tricks and routines against a dynamic video backdrop. The visuals, rich with football-related graphics and UEFA Euro 2024 branding, perfectly complemented the live action, creating a stunning and immersive experience. BYD’s theme of agility and innovation was brilliantly showcased through the performance, drawing parallels between the precision of the footballers and the advanced engineering of their new vehicles. The combination of live entertainment and high-definition multimedia elements left a lasting impression on attendees, highlighting BYD’s commitment to excellence and cutting-edge technology. The Freestyle Football Show was a resounding success, attracting considerable attention and praise from the audience. It not only underscored BYD’s role as a key partner of UEFA Euro 2024 but also effectively promoted their latest automotive innovations in a unique and engaging manner.


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