World Conference on Culture and Arts Education 2024
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World Conference on Culture and Arts Education 2024

The UNESCO World Conference on Culture and Arts Education was held in Abu Dhabi from 13 to 15 February 2024, hosted by the Government of the United Arab Emirates. The international Council for Film, Television and Audiovisual Communication (CICT-ICFT) was present at the Conference, represented by Miss Xueyuan Hun, Director of the Platform for Creativity & Innovation (PCI), and from the CICT-ICFT’s Secretariat. During the Thematic Sessions of the Conference, the spotlight was on digital technologies and AI, which played a pivotal role in the presentations and discussions. It’s heartening to witness the intersection of culture, arts, and technology shared by different countries. Miss Hun was given the floor and emphasized CICT-ICFT’s unwavering support for the audiovisual and digital field since its inception in 1956. Notably, the organization has been actively engaged in recent activities centered around the theme of artificial intelligence (AI), such as the 25th Euromediterranean conference in September 2023 that underscores our commitment to regulating the use of AI in film education and industries; and the Eurovisioni Conference in February 2024 at the European Parliament further delves into how AI is reshaping the artistic, cultural, and creative sectors.


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