About Us
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The Role of CICT-ICFT in Relation with UNESCO


Located at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, France, International Council for Film, Television and Audiovisual Communication (CICT-ICFT) to UNESCO was founded at the 10th session of UNESCO’s General Conference in 1956. It has been functioning as an advisory and executive agency to UNESCO and as a link between UNESCO and the international civil society on all matters related to film, television, and new media by providing advice, expertise and technical support.


The Establishment and Evolution of the Platform for Creativity & Innovation (PCI)


The idea of establishing a youth-oriented branch called Platform for Creativity & Innovation (PCI) within CICT-ICFT began in 2020. Its primary aim was to empower young individuals in the audiovisual and digital realms and highlight the value of creativity and innovation recognized by UNESCO.


By early 2022, the strategy evolved to broaden PCI’s support across various cultural and creative sectors, leveraging the extensive experience gathered by CICT-ICFT from diverse international cultural projects initiated since its inception in 1956.


In 2023, PCI is keeping up with the latest advancements in digital technologies and artificial intelligence (AI) on a global scale. Essentially, PCI revolves around fostering cross-cultural and interdisciplinary creations using a combination of artistic expression and technological innovations.

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What is PCI


The Platform for Creativity & Innovation (PCI) is an international cultural and artistic space for research, training, communication, cooperation,  inspiration and promotion which dedicates not only to promoting the aesthetic value in culture and art, but also to highlighting the contribution of culture and art in all aspects of economic, social and sustainable development.

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Our Goals


Our primary goal is to develop interdisciplinary collaboration between art and diverse facets of life and society in the digital era through inventive and innovative processes to drive specific outcomes and create meaningful impact across various domains. Additionally, we are dedicated to cultivating a global network of exchange and cooperation among creative talents, fostering an environment of cross-cultural and interdisciplinary creativity.

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Our Vision


Fostering a dynamic cultural and creative ecosystem that generates positive social, economic, and environmental impacts, thereby contributing to sustainable development and a brighter future for all.