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Welcome to the inspiring world of PCI! We extend our warmest invitation to you to explore cooperation and collaboration with PCI. Whether you are artists, cultural professional, or private or public sectors, we believe that together, we can unlock endless possibilities and make a profound impact on the cultural and creative landscape.


At PCI, we thrive on creativity, innovation, technology and the power of collective imagination. We are a vibrant community of visionaries who are passionate about building bridges, fostering growth, and promoting the diverse tapestry of global culture.


Are you a creative mind bursting with ideas, seeking opportunities to bring your artistic visions to life? PCI offers a platform where your talents can flourish, connecting you with like-minded individuals and organizations who share your passion for cultural and artistic expression.


Private and public sectors, if you are seeking fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and novel approaches to nurture creative talents, support business development, enhance cultural image and brand value, enrich tourist attractions, stimulate the growth of cultural and creative industries, and create positive social impact, PCI is your gateway to a world of possibilities.


Join us on this exhilarating journey of creativity. Together, let’s create a unique and outstanding cultural and artistic experience; let’s create a world where culture thrives, dreams soar, and the arts shine brightly!