Our Approaches
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Our Approaches



Fusion is an interdisciplinary practice that seeks to demonstrate the interaction between cultural and artistic expressions and other fields.


Nowadays, more and more artists and cultural professionals are drawing inspirations from other fields to generate creative possibilities, while people from other fields are integrating artistic and cultural elements into their work to create unconventional and avant-garde expressions and search for better communication ways. These people are all trying to break through disciplinary barriers to forge something new and unique.


In the form of collaborative practices, reciprocal exchange and public presentations, Fusion creates an aesthetic and intellectual landscape for creators from different fields to inspire each other and bring outstanding possibilities to the world.



Sparklers is an international network that aims to discover and inspire creative talents and foster sustainable connections among them.


By hosting activities such as talks, workshops, trainings, exhibitions and networking events, we seek to empower creative talents by offering guidance, mentorship, contacts and exposure for their skills and projects. Through mutual inspiration, exchange and collaboration, we will explore the use of arts and culture for creativity and innovation to improve our problem-solving skills, help us overcome social challenges, and achieve a better and more sustainable future.


Whether you are artists, cultural professionals, creators, or art and culture lovers, you are all welcome to join us to share your ideas and experiences.