When Art Meets You
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When Art Meets You

You are expecting an extraordinary art and cultural experience? You are looking for creative activities to support business development while actively creating social values? You are establishing effective methods to showcase distinctive cultural identity, promote cultural heritage and develop sustainable tourism? The Program When Art Meets You is the perfect creation that can definitely meet your requirements and expectations!


When Art Meets You is an interdisciplinary program that creates interaction and collaboration between art and different fields of life and society through creative and innovative process.


ART is not a thing. It’s a way of life. It’s an expression of our innate creativity, which is the power of reinventing reality with the use of imagination. Lots of things can be art. For some it can be visual arts, literary arts, performing arts, audiovisual and digital arts…; for others, it ventures out through conversations, cooking, gardening… We often take for granted how much in every day of our life we encounter and interact with art in some form.


YOU refers to the themes that you are interested in. It can be Architecture, Fashion, Food, Technology, Tourism, Science, Sport, World Heritage…, and social issues like Environmental Protection, Climate Change, Gender equality, Urban Transformation, Women and Youth Empowerment…!


The intersections between ART and YOU are endless!