When Art Meets You
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When Art Meets You

When Art Meets You is a program that seeks to create opportunities for interaction and collaboration between art and various fields of life and society through creative and innovative processes. Its ultimate objective is to support the cultural and creative industries and to generate positive social and environmental impact that can be measured.


ART is not merely an object or an activity; rather, it is a way of life that reflects our innate creativity, which has the power to reshape reality through imagination. Art can take many forms, such as visual arts, literary arts, performing arts, audiovisual and digital arts, and can be expressed in everyday life through conversations, cooking, gardening, and other forms of creative expression. However, we often overlook how art plays an integral part in our daily lives.


YOU refers to the themes and areas of interest that you may have, such as Architecture, Fashion, Food, Technology, Tourism, Science, Sports, World Heritage, and social issues such as Environmental Protection, Climate Change, Gender equality, Urban Transformation, Women and Youth Empowerment, and more.


The intersections between the ART and the YOU are endless!


We warmly welcome you to join us on our journey to discover what you can expect from When Art Meets You and explore how you can be part of this program to create impactful experiences together with us!